Doro takes the utmost care in the manufacture of its cases. Created for perfume, cosmetics, make-up or other beauty products, these products incorporate Doro’s extensive expertise: offset and UV printing, laminating, hot-foil stamping, embossing, die-cutting and bonding. Its expertise includes compliance with most advanced quality and environmental standards.

Created in 2006 and based close to the capital city, our Tunisian facility specialises in the production of assembled boxes using cardboard, thermoforming, mousse and injection.
The semi-automatic assembly gives more options in terms of shape and choice of materials.


Doro has the production capabilities to tailor products to our client’s highly specific needs. In particular, for out range of sophisticated foldable and assembled boxes.
The design office conducts a project feasibility study, creates a customised development package, provides the client with a model of the final box, and offers competitive pricing for production for small, medium and large runs.